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Babla Diani Secondary School, Ukunda, Kenya

The 9th Freemasons' Conference Charity Project Committee under the leadership of W Bro Narendra Acharya selected to rehabilitate and extend facilities at the Diani Secondary School  on the South Coast of Mombasa.  This was the only Secondary School serving 30 primary schools and had a capacity of only 360 students.

The District Grand Master accompanied by the Chairman of the Project Committee and other Freemasons laid the foundation stone in September 2008.  The project cost was USD 1 million.

The principal donor is a prominent Kenya philanthropist  Dr. Kanubhai Babla.

Construction work was completed in November 2012 and the school was functional in January 2013.

Dr Kanubhai Babla has donated US$1 Million towards the construction costs. A considerable surplus was realised at completion and this is placed in an endowment fund under the District Grand Charity for maintenance of the buildings.

Three individual lodges came forward with a total pledge of Ksh 1.6 Million for school furniture.

The architectural drawings for the proposed extension of the school were drawn up by Bro Mansur Asaria (at the time District Grand Master - Scottish Constitution) and Bro Steve Ogwapit of the Scottish Constitution.

The School as it was previously RW Bro Dr V K Talwar, DGM together with Mr Kanubhai Babla, philathropist and  W Bro Narendra Acharya at a celebrity cricket match in aid  of the Babla Diani Secondary School on 20th July 2008. The newly constructed Dr Kanubhai Babla Diani Secondary School

The School is now successfully established and it continues to make regular improvement in academic standards and social activities in the Diani area. The improvement is shown with admission of students to university, from two students in 2011 to nine students in 2014 and six students in 2015, which includes the first girl student from the school.

Currently the school has a population of 568 students of whom 399 are girls and 168 are boys. It is expected that from 2017 it will become an all girls’ school.

We are pleased to report the principal donor Dr. Kanubhai Babla has paid the balance of Ksh. 31 million or USD 293,000 towards the construction of the school. In total his contribution to the school has amounted Ksh. 96 million or USD 908,000.