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And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest is charity.     1 Cor. 13:13

Today, some hundreds of millions of dollars are distributed every year by Masonic bodies worldwide for medical care and research, for social and cultural welfare and for the relief of victims of both natural and man-made disasters.  There is, of course, considerable support for Masonic hospitals in many countries, for institutional homes for elderly Masons and their dependants and for Masonic widows and orphans.    


Since 2005 and after the formation of the District Grand Charity Trusts in the three East African countries - Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, over US$2.5 Million has been raised, pledged and disbursed to various charitable activities in the District of East Africa. All the projects have been completed including the Babla Diani Secondary School in Ukunda, Kenya and two others - the Kunduchi Health Centre in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and the MP Shah Physiotherapy Centre, Nairobi - are under implementation.

Besides these District Charity Projects, a number of individual lodges have responded positively to the appeal, by the DGM, RW Bro Dr Virendra Talwar to expeditiously disburse funds lying in their Benevolent Fund Accounts.

District Grand Lodge of East Africa - Charities

Amount (US$)

Seychelles Eye Camp


Montessori School - Mwanza, Tanzania


Kampala School for the Physically Handicapped, Uganda


Famine Relief Fund


Mikocheni Clinic - DaresSalaam


Fund for Internally Displaced Persons, Kenya


Wheel Chair Bank, Kenya


Babla Diani Secondary School, Ukunda, Kenya


Kunduchi Health Centre, DaresSalaam, Tanzania


MP Shah Physiotherapy Centre, Nairobi, Kenya


The Montessori School - Mwanza, Tanzania

The Montessori English Medium Primary School was established in Kiloleli, a small village close to Mwanza in 1995 by Sister Denise Mattle. The Primary School gets its students from a Montesori Kindergarten in Kawekamo, Mwanza.

For the students to continue their education, a Secondary School has been started and is still under construction.  In addition the Sister wishes to establish a Teacher's Training College to prepare teachers in the Montessori Method.

Although the government approves of her schools, it does not provide any funding.  However, the Sister's efforts were noticed by the Mwanza Freemasons and this project was adopted by the District.

The District Grand Master presenting a cheque of TZS 5,000,000 to  Sister Denise Mattle on behalf of Mwanza Lodge Mikocheni Clinic - Tanzania Assistant District Grand Master W Bro B K Tanna and the US Ambassador to Tanzania, Mr Michael Retzer who is also a Freemason,  officiated at the dedication ceremony of the Mikocheni Clinic in May 2008.

Inauguration of Mikocheni Clinic- Dar es Salaam Tanzania.  The US Ambassador to Tanzania, Mr. Michael Retzer who is also a Freemason and The Assistant District Grand Master W Bro B K Tanna officiated at the handing over ceremony of the Mikocheni Clinic in May 2008.

The total cost of the project was US$100,000.

Eye Camps - Seychelles W Bro Ashok K Shah and Dr Jyoti Trivedy from the Lions Sight First Hospital, Nairobi - Kenya, conducted about 100 cataract operations  over a period of two days in the Seychelles - March 2010

The 5th Eye Camp was held on 5th and 6th March 2010 jointly with Lions International.  93 cataract operations and 2 non cataract operations were successfully carried out with the assistance of our Brother, Dr Ashok K Shah and Dr Jyotee Trivedi of Lions First Sight Hospital, Nairobi. In all 643 cataract operations have been carried out during the five Eye Camps held to date in the Seychelles.  Our Brethren in the Seychelles under the leadership of W Bro Basil Soundy and the Lions under Lion A K Singh participated fully in the organization, publicity and meetings with the Minister of Health.

The 6th Eye Camp was held in November 2015 and was coordinated by W Bro Dr Ashok Shah.


Educational Assistance

i.   David Asige, an internally displaced child is studying at Kipekeino Secondary School, Eldoret - USD 1,500

ii.   Scann Nakuru- Educational assistance given to 12 orphan street children - USD 5,200

iii.  Famine Relief activities - USD 4,900

iv.  Contribution to a Hearse in Nairobi to Shree Gudwara Ramgharia - USD 1,000

v.  Lions Sight First Eye Hospital, Loresho Nairobi - assistance to treat childhood blindness - USD 4,200

vi.  Charities by Lodges in Kenya  - USD 6, 800.

vii.  Wheel Chair Bank - East Africa Millennium Lodge No. 9701 donated 85 wheelchairs as follows:

• 5 wheelchairs to the District Grand Lodge

• 50 wheelchairs to the disabled persons of Kenya Paraplegic Organization

• 5 individual disabled persons

TOTAL USD 8,500=

Other Charity Projects Donation of wheelchairs at the Freemasons' Hall, Nairobi presided over by the District Grand Master on 21st January 2010

Tanzania - Mramba School for the Deaf

In November 2009 the Assistant District Grand Master, W Bro B K Tanna accompanied by several Masons handed over teaching materials, hearing aids, food items and allied equipment to the school.  A pledge of 60 treated mosquito nets and t-shirts for the primary school children was made by Bro Arjun Joshi.

The project is being supported by the Kilimanjaro Lodge No. 5111 in Moshi on an ongoing basis.   

Orphans Education Fund in Dar es Salaam - Tsh 2,994,430 (USD 2,200).  During the year,  Tsh 705,892(US$ 500) was spent on education of 3 orphans. To date the Fund has assisted 13 children with education related expenses.

W Bro Biharilal K Tanna accmpanied by other visitors and members of Kilimanjaro Lodge No 5111 visted Mramba School for the Deaf - November 2009

It has a unit of 58 hearing-impaired students from all over northern Tanzania.  It is funded and managed by the parents and local village authorities.

 Mrs. Seema Shah has provided 30 more hearing aids, ear mould material, rechargeable batteries and solar rechargers at a cost of US$2800.

The deaf children at Mramba School being treated and fitted with hearing aids  by W Bro Dr Harish Rupani and Seema Shah the hearing aids expert in  April 2008. 54 children were fitted with hearing aids