District Grand Lodge

Of East Africa

District Grand Chapter

Of East Africa

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VW Bro Walter O Ookok

Ex-Officio Members

RW Bro Dr Virendra K Talwar, DGM, Gsupt

VW Bro Kenneth Taylor, DDGM

W Bro Narendra Thakkar, ADGM

W Bro Iqbal Nagri, ADGM

W Bro Anjan Harkhani, ADGM

W Bro Keven Stander, DSGW

W Bro Rajesh Kapoor, DJGW

W Bro Pratul H Shah, DGTreasurer

Elected Members

W Bro Ravindra N Bowry

W Bro Phiroze Dastur

W Bro Mayur J Patel

W Bro Dilip A Sheth

W Bro Ashok Shah

W Bro Jitesh Upadhyay

Nominated Members

W Bro Joseph Aluoch

W Bro Jagdish J Bhatt

W Bro Bimal R Kantaria

W Bro William Lore

W Bro Harish D Rupani

W Bro Sobhagchand H Shah

In Attendance

District Grand Secretary

W Bro Harilal J Nathwani

District Assistant Grand Secretary

W Bro Gurinder S Ghataura

District Board of General Purposes 2015 - 2018

Meetings of the District Board of General Purposes are normally held twice a year in the morning hours of the days of the Annual and Half Yearly Communications. Notice of such meetings along with the Agenda is communicated to all Members well in advance.