In keeping with the policy of the District to go paperless, hard copies of most documents are not required. A soft copy where possible or a clearly scanned copy by email is now the preferred method of receiving documents from Lodges and Chapters. Registration Form(s) for Candidates can initially be sent through email and a hard copy can follow thereafter. Contact the District Secretariat if you require clarification.

1.  Guidance for Proposer and Seconder for a Candidate for Initiation

     This guidance form should be used before issuing a Registration Form A

2.  Registration Form A

     For Initiates, Joining and Re-Joining Members

3.  Installation Return

     To be submitted IMMEDIATELY after an Installation Meeting

4.  Application for a Grand Lodge Certificate

     To be submitted soon after the Raising of a Candidate to the 3rd Degree

5.  Lodge Model By-Laws

     Lodges are advised to check that their By-Laws strictly conform to these Model By-Laws

6.  Form for Amendment of Lodge By-Laws

7.  By-Laws of the District Grand Lodge of East Africa

8.  United Grand Lodge of England - Book of Constitutions

     You will be re-directed to the appropriate page on the Grand Lodge website for this download

9. Information for the Guidance of Members of the Craft

Mentoring Downloads are available on the Home Page of the Website.  

East Africa Masonic Fund General Information, Membership Form, Petition for Grant, Agreement for Loan, CODICIL MGS Membership Form.pdf Registration Form for Membership DISTRICT HONOURS RESPONSE FORM : Download for use when appointed to District Rank at Annual Communications

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