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Kunduchi Health Centre, DaresSalaam, Tanzania

The Organizing Committee of the 10th Freemasons' Conference selected Kunduchi Health Centre as its charity project.  Kunduchi is on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam in an area known as "Tegeta".  The  project will be in two phases.  The first phase includes the construction of the Dispensary building and providing necessary equipment and personnel for the Dispensary. The second phase will be to expand it to a Health Centre. Subsequently it is intended to construct residential flats to generate income for long term financial viability of the project. A provision has been made for construction of a first floor at a later stage.     

The project is estimated to cost USD 1,000,000.   

The District Grand Master laid the foundation stone of the Centre during the 10th Freemasons' Conference in September 2010.

The Grand Secretary, RW Bro Nigel Brown placed a Time Capsule on site during the 12th Freemasons Conference, September 2014.

RW Bro Dr Virendra K Talwar - District Grand Master (right) with  RW Bro Nigel Brown - Grand Secretary (centre) and  W Bro Suryakant D Ramji at the 12th Freemasons’ Conference W Bro Bob Silllett (3rd left) and MW Bro Catalin Turliuc (5th left)  with others at the Kunduchi Health Centre during the 12th Freemasons' Conference At the Kunduchi Health Centre construction site RW Bro Nigel Brown and RW Bro Viri Talwar signing the  12th FMC Brochure for insertion into the Time Capsule

         Construction of the first phase is nearing completion and the building handed over to the Trustee of the District Grand Charity of Tanzania for refurbishment of furniture, and installation of machinery and equipment. Total cost of the Phase I of the Project estimated is at Tshs 997 million or USD 475,000. Of this,  Tshs 433 million or USD 206,000 have paid over.